Katherine (Kate) DeWitt
Your Personal Financial Professional

Here at Personal Money Matters we serve our clients by:

  • Supporting Seniors in their goal to retain their financial independence by helping manage routine financial matters such as bill payment, cash flow, banking and medical claims, etc.
  • Preparing Tax Records for Accountants, sometimes going back multiple years with complex situations requiring detailed scheduling and documentation
  • Supporting Clients and their Families challenged with physical or mental conditions such as dementia, stroke, cancer, developmental disabilities, loss of sight or hearing; as well as widows and widowers and clients who are executors of estates or acting in other fiduciary capacities
  • Implementing and Managing financial systems like Quicken
  • Providing Financial Record Keeping for individuals and their "schedule C" businesses, real estate properties and family businesses
  • Developing budgets, cash flow and short-term financial plans and debt management. Work with clients with irregular income streams, clients who are accumulating assets and clients who are drawing upon assets in retirement
  • Facilitating re-registration of assets into Trusts and implement beneficiary changes in accordance with estate planning goals
  • Completing a Financial Inventory so that all documents are located and properly updated and maintained
  • Insuring that routine financial matters are being completed and that areas of vulnerability are minimized. Eliminate chaos due to the accumulation of financial records
  • Enhancing the ability of other professionals such as financial planners, accountants, care managers to effectively serve their clients by having accurate & organized financial data
Example of Clients Served:
  • Senior Citizens who would benefit from assistance in retaining their financial independence
  • Busy Professionals who wish they had the time to manage their personal affairs as they desire
  • Heavy travelers who are not in town enough to keep their financial life in order
  • Disabled or handicapped individuals who need support managing their personal affairs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals who just do not find managing their financial matters easy
  • Clients located in NVA, DC and Montgomery Co, MD

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